voices from the campaign trail

Voices from the Campaign Trail

Here in America local leaders are elected “of the people, for the people and by the people” and I love that! 


One of the things I love about elections and campaigning is the extra time I get to spend talking with members of the community, walking the neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and candidate
forums.  Some of the things I hear aren’t new, and some get reinforced with personal contact.  Here are some of the things I’ve heard and some of the things I promise to do about them. 

  • Stop the growth!  I’ve heard this for several years now.  That’s
    why I’ve called several times for Dublin to re-visit the growth plan that was approved by voters in 1993.  And that’s why I’ve voted against developer request to re-zone commercial land to residential. That’s why I’ll oppose any growth that doesn’t add to our quality of life. 

  • We need a second high school!  As I have said many times, this is a school board decision.  As Mayor I can’t force the board to make a decision and I really cant stop them from making the choices they decide.  But I can support them, and that’s exactly what I have done.  I am proud that I supported the school district and enabled them to purchase land for a second high school.  Without land valued at $70MM for Cottonwood Creek and Dublin Crossings schools there is no chance the school district would be able to afford land for a new high school.  The State of California simply isn’t funding new schools hey way they should.  Working together we’re fixed the problem Sacramento has for us. I  promise to continue to work with the school board to make a second high school a reality.

  • The traffic moves too slow!  People are tired of waiting for a red light while no traffic is coming the opposite direction.  I agree!  I am the only candidate who has already asked for a staff update on traffic congestion at major intersections.  But updates are not enough.  I promise to keep pushing hard for investments in smarter technology.

  • School safety!  Related to traffic flow and congestion I hear people concerned, especially about drop off and pickup traffic flow.  Concern also for crossing major streets.  I promise a full review of each school site and investments in more ways to keep our children safe getting to and from school.

  • IKEA! There is an outstanding legal question whether the IKEA
    would have likely enforceability of the original approved project.  I hear concern about the complexity of the project.  I promise to seek a second opinion and/or court opinion on the matter.  If possible I would like to allow the residents of Dublin to vote on the matter.  

  • Dublin’s Vision.  What is it and can we talk about it?  I hear
    people say they would like to learn more about Dublin’s vision.  Where are we heading long term, what do we want Dublin to be in 10, 20, 30 years.  I agree and I have long called for town-hall meetings and vision casting. 

When elected I promise to keep pushing for more time devoted to long term strategic planning.  If needed I will hold my own town-hall meetings.

Rather than point fingers or criticize the things we can’t control I will fight hard for the things we can control.  I will continue to work hard to protect and enhance our quality of life. Remember to mail you ballot or go to the polls on Nov 6.  I would be honored to have you vote David Haubert for Dublin Mayor.  

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