A Message From David

Setting the Record Straight on Dublin’s Growth

By David Haubert, Mayor of Dublin

Mark Twain is credited with the expression, “a lie can travel around the world and back while the truth is still lacing up its boots.” Or something like that.  

Mark Twain is credited with the expression, "a lie can travel around the world and back while the truth is still lacing up its boots."

In these modern times of social media and miniature computers in nearly everyone's pocket, a lie can spread just about as fast as a human finger can click, share or retweet. People who know the truth have asked me why I don't spend more time correcting misinformation (or blatant lies) about what's really happening in Dublin. That's because it could take all day, every day to sift through the numerous online forums where the truth is being distorted.

In fact, I was shown a closed Facebook forum with residents airing their grievances and complaints, and when I tried to participate to offer solutions, I was blocked from their page. To me, that doesn't sound like individuals who are inclusive and willing to work with others to solve our city's most pressing issues. It certainly doesn't speak to openness or transparency, which should be the central focus of all our elected officials and candidates. But truth be told, my time as Mayor is better spent solving problems than in private social media chat rooms.

Fortunately, some Dubliners want facts and are willing to listen. This is for those people. If you want to know the truth about Dublin's massive growth, it's important to start at the beginning. In 1993, the City Council voted to embark on a massive growth plan. Some residents were so concerned that they gathered signatures and sent the matter to the ballot where voters ultimately agreed with the City Council and voted to expand.

The result was a newly approved growth plan which gave legal authorization for roughly 3,300 acres with some 10,000 single-family homes, including Dublin Ranch, Positano, Jordan Ranch, Silvera Ranch, Wallis Ranch, Moeller Ranch and much more. It also required high density residential growth such as five-story apartment buildings along the BART line.

In 1997, the growth began to sprout up in east Dublin and we have been growing ever since. My family and I moved to Dublin in 2000 and we have lived through the impacts of fast-paced development. Since then, traffic has certainly increased, and Dublin was faced with many tough decisions, such as either invest in repairing our older, neglected schools or build new ones.

On top of that, Alameda County was making plans to locate a juvenile jail in Dublin, something I helped lead the effort to defeat. With three young children I started to volunteer in the Dublin schools and quickly saw the need to run for school board. I turned my attention to rebuilding old facilities, adding new schools and working to improve the quality of education in Dublin.

I spent thousands of hours working to support our schools and the result is massive improvements during my tenure as School Board Trustee. Dublin is now recognized as a leading school district.

I have always been concerned about Dublin's fast paced growth, but it wasn't until 2012 when I was elected to the Dublin City Council that I fully understood how the 1993 vote and resulting Strategic Plan was driving our growth. And it still impacts us now. That's why I've called three times for a full review of our growth plan, to review the original assumptions made in 1993 compared to what we actually see today. Each time I was outvoted by my fellow councilmembers.

My voting record is clear. I voted to reduce housing density wherever possible –Wallis Ranch for one. I voted against developer requests to re-zone commercial land to residential such as Promenade, DiManto, The Green, The Perch, and Grafton to name just a few. I also voted to protect and preserve open space, especially our ridgelines and Doolan Canyon. I know how to stand up to developers because I've done it!

I love Dublin and I have fought to make it better since the day I moved here. And while Dublin has become a great city – we have great neighborhoods, amazing parks, top-ranked schools, and Dublin is constantly listed as one of the best places to live in California – there is much more we need to do. I believe Dublin residents deserve an experienced leader who will keep fighting for their best interests.

That's what I've done for past 16 years. And that's why I'm endorsed by many other local leaders including Congressman Eric Swalwell, Supervisor Scott Haggerty, Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, Sheriff Greg Ahern, all tri-valley mayors and every endorsing member of the Dublin School Board and City Council. But the race for Dublin Mayor is getting really heated.

Too many lies, deceit and misrepresentations are being thrown out there. Some would ask you to believe they can change history. The truth is they can't. Please see through the lies and be cautious of smear campaigns. Take the time to see the big picture and who is best to lead our great city through this challenging time. It has been an honor to serve as your Mayor and I would be honored to continue to fight for all Dublin residents.

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