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As a husband and father, the safety of my family comes first. From the days of picking up my children from scraped knees, to watching them buckle up and drive off for school, nothing is more important than their safety.

Dublin's firefighters, police officers, and other first responders work tirelessly to protect Dublin. For every story we hear about their tremendous efforts, there are a dozen more happening that go unnoticed. There is no other word to describe them other than heroes.

When they’re not out on the streets keeping us safe, they’re training and preparing for the next emergency. I have joined them on many occasions and experienced the dedication they have to our great city. We are incredibly fortunate to have so many tremendous leaders in our community.


I am deeply touched that so many of them support me for Mayor. Sheriff Greg Ahern, Sean Burrows, President of the Alameda County Firefighters Association, and District Attorney Nancy O'Malley have all endorsed me for Dublin Mayor because they know I'll assist them with whatever I can – from resources to support to facilities – so they have what they need to do their job to protect our safe quality of life here in Dublin.

  • "I know leadership is important and Dublin has a great leader in Mayor David Haubert. He's the one I trust to keep Dublin safe." — Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern

  • "Mayor David Haubert is the only candidate we trust to protect Dublin." —Sean Burrows, President of the Alameda County Firefighters Association said,

  • “I endorse Mayor David Haubert for re-election because he will fight to protect Dublin residents.” —Nancy O’Malley Alameda District Attorney

Keeping Dublin safe is my top priority and I promise to always ensure that our police and first responders have the resources they need to protect Dublin and keep us safe!


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