President Of School Board Says Mayor Haubert Supports Schools

Dublin resident Amy Miller says there are "70 million reasons every parent should vote for David Haubert for mayor."


Dear Editor:

As a school board, we have a responsibility to recruit the best teachers and enhance opportunities for all children. Although curricula, reduced class size, district funding, family and community involvement all contribute to student learning and achievement, research shows that effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement. And teachers, just like everyone else, prefer to teach in first rate facilities. And data shows kids learn better in them.

The bottom line is better facilities = increased student learning and we need more quality facilities in Dublin to alleviate overcrowding. Mayor David Haubert knows firsthand how important quality facilities are to student learning.

For those who don't know, prior to serving on City Council and as our Mayor, David Haubert was a Trustee of the Dublin Unified School Board. His story began 18 years ago when he first brought his family to Dublin. If you're new to our community you can ask anyone who knows, our schools were in rough shape. Dublin High was falling apart, the schools in west Dublin had leaky roofs and Dougherty Elementary opened in the fall 2000 without a working administration office, library, computer room or cafeteria. He stepped up to the plate and brought positive change district-wide.

Now as our Mayor David Haubert is at it again supporting our schools, this time with a need for a second high school. The fact is, State of California funding for new schools is not adequate. So, Mayor Haubert worked to provide the school district with land valued at nearly $70MM for two new K-8 schools. This enables our school district to purchase land for a new high school, something we have already started to do. Thanks to his support and efforts to assist the school district, a new high school is finally possible.

With his decades of experience in the corporate world, ten years of service as a Dublin Unified School District Trustee, and six years as a councilmember, four years as Mayor, David Haubert has the experience and know-how we need as Mayor. He has proven he knows how to get things done for our kids and can provide assurance to parents he has education front and center as our mayor. I encourage everyone in Dublin to vote for David Haubert for Dublin Mayor.

Amy Miller, President of the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees


David Haubert for Dublin Mayor