Dublin Mayor Will Call For Community Meeting To Discuss Safety

David Haubert said that although Dublin remains safe, all cities can be vulnerable and should be prepared.

By Autumn Johnson, Patch National Staff


DUBLIN, CA — Dublin Mayor David Haubert says he will call for a community meeting to discuss safety in Dublin. Haubert plans to put the meeting proposal forward during the upcoming council meeting Tuesday night.

"In light of recent occurrences of shootings and resulting loss of life, and the ensuing concerns from citizens across the nation, many people have asked me to address the level of safety in our own community," Haubert told Patch. "That's why at next Tuesday's city council meeting, I'm going to ask the city council to approve plans for a community conversation on safety. I would like to remind the residents of Dublin that we remain a very safe community."

Haubert expressed his confidence in the police and first responders in Dublin and said city officials have also coordinated with the local school district to prepare for emergencies.

"Still, we must always recognize that Dublin is vulnerable to things like opportunistic crime rings who have plagued our neighborhoods in the past," Haubert said. "To stay informed on the latest news and to hear best practices for how you can take precautions to protect yourself, the City of Dublin should host a community conversation."



David Haubert for Dublin Mayor