David Haubert for Dublin Mayor

By Anthony Totaro, Dublin

Politics has certainly reached a point where I think everyone can agree that nobody can be proud of what’s going on. At the local level, there should still be hope that partisanship and attacks on the other side can be overwhelmed by the simple desire to just make the communities we live in the best they can possibly be. It’s troubling to see signs in Dublin that ask voters to not vote for someone rather than encouraging voters to vote for someone. I’d like to offer that there are many good candidates running for office this year in Dublin, all of whom I believe want to make Dublin the absolute best place to live. That said, I think one particular candidate, David Haubert, has proven in his actions that making Dublin the best place to live, has been, and will continue to be, his number one goal. As a School Board Trustee, City Councilmember, and now Mayor, David has worked tirelessly to make Dublin a community and city we can all be proud of. Like any rapidly growing city, Dublin certainly has issues to contend with, but proactive leadership and a willingness to work with others is what’s needed to move Dublin into the future while maintaining our current quality of life, which attracts so many new residents. David has provided Dublin strong leadership, but what’s really impressive is his willingness to listen and to work with others to address concerns across our city and our neighborhoods. There are big decisions to be made over the near term that will have huge impacts on Dublin for years and decades to come. There is no better person to lead Dublin and bring the community together on these decisions than David Haubert. Please vote for David Haubert for Mayor of Dublin on November 6th and help him continue to make Dublin the All-American City it is!


David Haubert for Dublin Mayor